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Goost is a general-purpose, extensible and customizable Godot Engine extension. Complement and extend Godot's core features to achieve higher performance, expose built-in functionality and overcome limitations that are difficult to workaround via scripting languages such as GDScript.

Goost is an official place for existing and new Godot contributors who'd like to improve the engine independently of Godot's review process and release cycles.

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Open-source and community-driven

Goost is developed by people from all around the world, and we trust the community to fulfill the vision behind Goost in the best way possible. It is available under the permissive MIT license, so you can integrate the extension in any project without restrictions just like Godot.

The extension is implemented as a C++ module. If you'd like to customize the extension yourself by picking only the features you need, go ahead and get the source to build Godot with Goost.

For now, Goost is currently geared towards 2D and core development. If you'd like to share your tools with Goost to be used by people in various game development areas, we invite you to contribute!

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