First release!

By: Andrii Doroshenko (Xrayez) - 23 Apr 2021

This is the first public release of Goost: the ambitious extension for Godot Engine!

Proceed to the Download page to get the latest release of Godot + Goost.

The purpose of this beta release is to get some general feedback from the community. Goost is still young and haven’t received much testing apart from the Goost authors who take part in development - be it reporting bugs, improving existing features, or creating new ones. If you’d like to know what Goost has to offer, check out the Features page.

Due to this, Goost will likely undergo some compatibility breakage in the early stages of development.

We hope that you find Goost useful for fulfilling powerful ideas into your projects. Remember: execution is only half the battle!

If you’d like to discuss this, please proceed to relevant 1.0-beta release discussion page at GitHub, and don’t forget to spread the word!

Thank you!